I have always encouraged make believe play and an active imagination in my son, but sometimes I find he is too absorbed in his make believe and has to come back to reality for something. I once told him, “sometimes you get lost in your own little world” and his answer was, “sometimes it isn’t so little”, which I thought was a pretty good answer.
Recently he asked me, “What universe do you want to be in?”.
Choices included Harry Potter, Pokemon, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, Runescape and others.
Wanting to perhaps talk about something in real life for a change, I said, “how about this one?”
His answer, “That is like having a time machine and always setting the date for today!”
huh. . . okay, that one gave me something to think about. Here we have the amazing power of imagination, why not use it.
I told him what an excellent answer that was, and we proceeded to compare and contrast many aspects of our home planets including flora, fauna, family stuctures, diets and more.