Wow, now this is a banana worth observing.


Argentine-born, Montreal-based artist Cesar Saez’s latest project is an ambitious one: at the cost of approximately one million dollars, he plans to inflate a gigantic banana with helium and float it over Texas—specifically, 20-30 miles above the Earth. He and his team of scientists, engineers and volunteers have been at work for years and plan to float the massive fruit sometime next summer.


The project is called “Geostationary Banana Over Texas
This makes me happy.

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via [Boing Boing]

As of July 2008, sadly this wonderfully bizarre project has run out of funds and is on hold.
I was going to link to his news page with the announcement and text about his plans, but alas they have sadly built their site using Flash, so such a simple thing is not possible.

Remember kids – building web sites with Flash and PDFs is like catapulting an elephant – it is easier to be on the sending end than on the receiving end.