I have recently been noticing that watching broadcast television is less and less worth the effort. Between the plague of mind numbingly stupid reality shows, the insultingly huge quantity of commercials inserted into any movie, and the musical chairs scheduling making it impossible to regularly find the rare show I do like – I find I just don’t watch much TV in the evenings anymore. I do time shift (with my good old fashion VCR) a couple of shows like Dr. Who and Mythbusters that I enjoy, but otherwise I usually just turn off the TV and turn to the computer. I have had fun introducing my son to classic Looney Toons cartoons (back when they knew how to make a funny cartoon) via YouTube, but it is always a hit and miss game finding complete episodes and you never know when your going to hit one where someone has dubbed offensive rap music over bugs bunny or something. I just recently discovered the wonderful web site Hulu which offers up a variety of television shows and even some whole movies. They have things as new as last nights Simpsons episodes, and old classic TV as well. There are a few short commercials, one at the beginning, and one in the middle, on most things, but they are short (usually 15sec) and generally not very obnoxious. The other night it was kind of funny to realize we were sitting in front of the turned off television, watching new Simpsons on the laptop on the coffee table. It took years of concentrated effort, but the television executives are finally succeeding at driving away their audience. And a bonus to discovering Hulu was discovering the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show, a bizarre PeeWee’s Playhouse like spoof of Japanese television.