As of May 2008, Owners of the Nintendo Wii game console can now download free game demos to their Nintendo DS game system at home just like the Download Service available at some stores. The service is available as part of the new free Nintendo Channel on the Wii. You can purchase the Nintendo Channel through the Wii Shop Channel. The Nintendo Channel features Wii game videos and trailers. To find the DS Download service you will need to agree to allow “Data-Sharing” service that sends data on what games you play to Nintendo. Then go to “Find Titles for You” and the bottom choice will be “DS Download Service”. If the option is grayed out as unavailable, then you have not agreed to the data sharing. Once in the DS Download Service you will see a list of available demos, some of which appear to be permanent, some of which seem to be available only temporarily. I have noticed the “Distribution Ends:” date they give is not always accurate . After you download a game you can keep it on your DS until it is powered off. If you want to save a demo to play the next day, just close the DS to suspend it without turning it off.

I will post the new list on this blog as they change.

Click here for the current list of available downloads

June 2008 Wii Download Service Titles (Updated 6/23/08)

Brain Age Demo – always available
Brain Age 2 Demo – always available
Flash Focus Demo – always available
Crosswords DS Demo – always available

Crosswords DS Anagrams Demo – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08
Wall E DS Demo – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08
The Incredible Hulk – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08
Kung Fu Panda DS Demo – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08
Contra 4 – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08
Cake Mania 2 – Distribution Ends: 06/29/08