I have just finished reading Titan, the first book in John Varley’s Gaia trilogy. This book was a real epic tale of adventure. The space ship Ringmaster has been sent to investigate the rings of Saturn, but upon their arrival they discover something new and unexpected in orbit. It is some kind of giant hexagon shaped wheel structure, but is it a space station, or space ship? And who could have built such a massive (1300km across) thing? When they move closer to investigate and look for a place to dock, the ship is grabbed and they are thrown into an adventure and struggle for survival that will drastically change each member of the crew in their own personal and different way. They learn to survive in a massive, strange alien environment inside the space station, complete with rivers, mountains, trees and a variety of alien creatures, some of which are friendly, some of which are not. I do not want to give away to much here because I think it is always better to discover the details of a story as it unfolds, but the cover does give one big  hint – the whole station itself is an alien. I was concerned when the jacket proclaimed it “the greatest adventure since Dune” as I fell on the “hate” side of the love/hate dichotomy of Dune readers. Titan was much more enjoyable and even included a nice map and a number of diagrams and illustrations to help visualize the world they were in. I found these very helpful as some of long detailed descriptions of the physical layout lost me a bit. Like a great Tolkien adventure, by the end I felt as if I had been along on the epic journey with the main characters, learning and growing with them as they discovered their surroundings. I am already beginning the next book in the series, Wizard.