I like to use my iPod nano to listen to fiction podcasts (like Escapepod!) when I go on longer bike rides for excercise. (I tend to not use it on short in town transportation rides). I first used it in my pocket, but that was awkward. Now I am trying out a Nike armband holder that works pretty well as long as I just let it play, but making changes or selecting something new to listen to is real hard since I can’t see the display.  I am wondering if this new iBikeConsole would be a good option? It claims to be “not just another iPod bike mount” and features a weather proof case and grip mounted wireless control pads to allow you operate your iPod without moving your hands. The most interesting feature listed is “Converts your Nano screen into a Cycle Computer display”. I am not sure how this works, but it looks like there is cycle computer electronics in the mount since they also say it will hold your ride information even when you remove the iPod. I guess it just uses the iPod for a display, like the Nike running gizmo, but it still is a pretty cool idea.  Priced at $76 on their web site it is not not more than a good cycle computer, but I am still not  going to rush out to order one just yet, since I already have a good computer. It does merit watching though to see if they raise the features or lower the price.

iBikeConsole product page (warning: main page attacks you with awful flash music and graphics display. Why do web designers make their pages so hostile to visitors?)