A guest book post from my son B

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a series of books with a mix of genres that is based on the Greek mythos. The book has many surprises in the beginning, so I won’t give you too many details and ruin the surprise. I will, however, tell you a little bit:

Percy Jackson has it tough. His father left across the sea before he was born, and his mother married Smelly Gabe, who plays poker, is mean to Percy’s mother, sniffs out money like a bloodhound (and asks Percy for it), and blames Percy if so much as a bird would poop on his car (never mind that Percy can’t drive). His mother always goes out of her way to get blue food because Gabe once said there was no such thing. At least he has his best friend Grover to help him through hard times.  But Percy Jackson’s life is thrown apart by a series of odd events involving mythical creatures, and the few answers he gets only brings more questions…

Read the book to find the questions (and answers)!

And if you like book 1, The Lightning Thief, you will probably like book 2 (The Sea of Monsters), book 3 (The Titan’s Curse) and book 4 (The Battle of the Labyrinth).