A little over week ago I was finally lucky to win myself a Bag of Crap from Woot. Well, it finally arrived and with much fanfare and to-do the great unveiling commenced.

The box. Pretty big, that’s a good sign, but kind of light . . .

Air pillows, some little boxes, oh oh what’s inside? what’s inside?

First item a mysterious box of “4 sets”, but sets of what?

Ahhh, 4 iGo car chargers. Potentially useful for my iPod or cell, but they don’t come with any tips for devices. A quick search on Amazon reveals the tips are not so cheap at around $10-$15 each. If I get lucky I can sell 3 of them to buy 2 tips.

Second item, some weird little soda can charm thingy. Why? ‘Cause it’s crap! (Crap with a straw! -though I do wonder why such a thing is even manufactured in the first place)

Next item, three nice little camera cases, not too crappy.

Last item, now what’s this? A Palm computer? This may have potential . . .

but it is a Palm Zire – bottom of the line Palm in 2002. Works fine as it ever did, but has a crappy monochrome unlit LCD display. Resale value on eBay appears to be under $10. Oh well, I will try to download some game apps for it, or use it as a remote control.

As it was written:

“shalt thou not get the crap you want, want the crap you get.”

The anticipation was fun, and we enjoyed making up lots of B O C phrases all week….

Bag Of Carrots  Big Old Cat  Bozo, Original Clown  Brrrr Outside Cold  Big Ornery Cephlapod  Break Open Crustaceans  Ball Of Cotton  Broken Old Computer  Bad Old Crabs  Bring On Clowns  Bagel Or Cereal  Butter Or Creamcheese  Bowl Of Cereal  Bumpy Old Carpet  Big Old Camera  Bag Of Cookies  Box Of Cabbage ….