A game review by B

Ben 10 Protector of the Earth

This game could have been so much more, but it seems almost like a feeble attempt to capitalize on the TV show. The menu looks great, but I wish I could operate it with the buttons and the D-pad, not just the stylus. The music, however, is flawless. It perfectly captures the mood of the moment.  In addition, it has a feature I value very much- 3 save slots!  One feature which it has is  just weird, attaching the silhouette of an alien of your choice to a save.  Ok…

The game play itself seems like it could be in an arcade without much change. And that’s a bad thing.  It’s chock full of side-scrolling “run to the right-fight some bad guys-run to the right-jump-use special power-fight more bad guys” action.  Each alien has a special power that lets you deal with a certain environmental challenge.  I assume this is supposed to make you change aliens so everyone is used, but sometimes all it really does is slow you down.  However, in combat the difference in attacks is wonderfully fun. It really makes combat with different characters a pleasure, except for the fact you have almost no long-range attacks, and a lot of the enemies do. And once you learn how to do the combos, combat becomes even more fun.  The platforming elements are strangely fun as well. By strangely, I mean they aren’t too well thought out, but they’re still fun.

The bosses are either very hard, pretty easy, or needing a gimmick.  Most of them are pretty easy to beat if you stand right next to them.  But you can’t block their shots, and sometimes they attack with a short-range attack and send you flying backwards.  Killing them often requires a specific alien.

The combos are hard to pull off.  They have a small window of effectiveness, except for the A-A ones.           Each alien has three combos: A-Y(almost impossible, the cheapest), A-X(easier, more expensive), and A-A(easiest, costs the most).  I’ve yet to get the hang of them.  In addition, the difference between characters is extreme.  They all attack with different speed and strength.

This game is good if you are an avid fan of platformers, but it needs some polish.  In order to fully enjoy the game, you need to know about the show, and accept the comic-book-like story.  It would be worth it used, but not new.