Still pumped from his success climbing the Grand Canyon last year, the little Evolta robot is off to break another record to showcase the power of his Panasonic Evolta batteries. This time he is going to attempt to ride his remote controlled tricycle around the Le Mans race track for a full 24 hours to earn his place in the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest distance traveled by a remote control car. He faces many potential obstacles in his attempt, including gravel, wind, rain and even insects while he pedals his tricycle at approximately 1.3km per hour for an expected 6 laps around the 4km course. He will follow an infrared beam from a buggy that will travel in front of him.

A fun stunt to be sure, and it does even make me consider trying some Evolta batteries, but like so many Guinness attempts I wonder how exactly the record is defined. It must be more than just “remote control car” since a full size gas vehicle fitted with an extra tank could easily complete such a trial under remote control, or for that matter a vehicle carrying more batteries could probably also make the trek. Either way, I am rooting for the little guy!

DigitalArts via Gizmodo


The little guy was successful! Evolta set a new Guiness world record for “the longest distance covered by a battery-operated remote-controlled model car” completing 5.6 laps of the circuit, which equates to 14.82 miles, over the 24-hour period. [Gizmag]