Bridge Demolition

Posted by ted @ 6:08 pm, October 4th, 2011

This time lapse video of an overnight bridge demolition is surprisingly beautiful in its own way. The track excavators look like insects devouring a leaf. It was made with a Canon 5Dmk2. over 18+ hours and 4,000 images.

A Bridge Too Far from James Miller on Vimeo.

How Does Paper Beat Rock Anyway?

Posted by ted @ 11:00 am, March 10th, 2011

Ever wonder just how paper beats rock in the Rock Paper Scissors Game? Well someone else out there not only wondered, but outright disagreed and even went one step further – they made this funny sign about it:

Paper vs Rock

[CSLACKER]  via [Stumbleon]

but wait, there’s more!

Speaking of Rock Paper Scissors: If you feel like losing a few games to a smarty-pants computer program, check out this “You Vs Computer” rock paper scissors game at the New York Times. I will give you one for free, he leads with rock the first time, after that, prepare to be humbled…but at least it won’t punch you in the face for playing paper.


Adorable Litte Girl Shows Off Her Unique Skill at Juggling Oranges

Posted by ted @ 1:00 pm, February 26th, 2011

Very cute. And silly me trying to juggle with three oranges at once, and wasting time with all that ridiculous throwing-them-in-air nonsense…

Dance of the Books

Posted by ted @ 9:08 pm, February 23rd, 2011

Don’t forget to spot the banana!


When Real Life Becomes Indistinguishable from a Monty Python Sketch

Posted by ted @ 2:01 pm, November 12th, 2010

Parkour for Lazies: The Bizarre British Lying Down Game

Monty Python Royal Society for Putting Things on top of other things

Amazing Japanese Giant Shopping / Poetry Site

Posted by ted @ 9:48 am, October 18th, 2010

The other day the daily email from included an ad for a Japanese Shopping site called Rakuten – “Now Shipping to the USA” – so I decided to check it out. It is apparently one of the biggest shopping sites in Japan, almost like a Japanese, but with a heavy bent towards kitsch. Unfortunately, unlike the amazing Japanese Gadget site which offers free shipping to the USA, the shipping to the USA from Rakuten looks pretty cost prohibitive right now, but the poorly translated product descriptions are wonderfully entertaining and worth a look.

Some are just the somewhat cliche awkward English translations (sometimes referred to as “Engrish”), like the text on this wonderful Asimo Costume which I wish I could afford to buy:

Robottoasobo costume
Product Description ?
The newest robot costume design.
ASIMO ASIMO can also be used for imitation.

* The one who is not compatible.
* Please read the instructions available.
To 180cm tall. Adult
Urethane, leather, polyurethane, PVC, use film
* After use, I highly recommend I use deodorant.
* You can not wash.
The set includes ?
Mind, body parts back, hands, gloves, feet

Some others though enter into a whole different realm of surreal beauty, like product haiku’s or love poems.

The title on the product page for a basic iPod sock is
“Like a rice cake! Whoops stretched Gyu cover Pitatto”

Check out this wonderful description / poetry:

ipod while carrying in a bag, against various things,
Imperceptibly that I’ve hurt for?
At that time, it is useful to have a cover too.

mochi is made up of a soft knit fabric has stretch.
Pita Innovation cover stretches Gyu ?.
ipod protection against scratches and shock.

The body, so that a snug fit,
Unchanged in size but covered.
When carrying, I am happy that the bulky!

And, ipod besides the variety of usage.
Compact and vulnerable part of the LCD cover and even cell phones.
Inorganic electronic devices, is surrounded knit, friendly atmosphere.
Watch and removed, ? also soaking in the small items into

The perfect gift item!
Packages like the sweets, there is impact
Some people were gifts will surely surprised me.

In all color 8color!
Bibittokara a bright strawberries.
I hesitate because there are a lot of tea!
Ipod usual, but by changing the color of the cover, it becomes a different color.
ipod will not hesitate to get a new one but not,
If you cover, you can enjoy lots of color.

Even with friends and lovers and matching different colors good!
Oke covered in it,
“Which one do it, she’ll not know!”
No more of them.
I may use both the mood of the day!

In addition, ipod or mobile phone, and each item
Once you have a different color cover,
Obviously useful even when removed from the bag!

Does introduce one color.
Your favorites, please find it.

“Even with friends and lovers and matching different colors good!”  yes,  indeed.

With over 17 million products in their catalog, it could keep you amused for a long time.

The Man With Exploding Bananas on His Face

Posted by ted @ 9:02 am, February 28th, 2010

Watch this video of a slow moving performance artist exploding bananas on his face. Go ahead, watch it, you know you want to . . .

Found on [BoingBoing]

A Different Way For A Cat to Get A Drink

Posted by ted @ 9:39 am, September 17th, 2009

This cat likes to drink from a running sink. Nothing too unusual there. But he has an unusual way of getting the water to his mouth. No cat I have known would do this. Very funny video, thought it is really too long, you can get the whole idea in the first minute.

My Next Snowblower!

Posted by ted @ 10:02 am, August 8th, 2009


After busting my back shoveling Minnesota snow for the last 12 years I finally broke down and bought a used snowblower this summer. But my old Snapper 10hp blower just doesn’t seem as mighty after seeing the above photo of Klimov VK-1 engines from Mig-15 jets mounted on the front of trucks to clear snow from airport runways in Russia. Now that’s a snowblower! I wonder how my neighbors would feel about one of these in the driveway?

And here is a Mig-17 powered ice melting machine:


I would think you would have to be careful not to torch the whole plane with one of those beasts.

[Gizmodo via TechEBlog]

Three things that make me laugh, every time

Posted by ted @ 5:00 pm, July 9th, 2009

Number one: a doormat, named Mat

Number two, a wonderful visual pun that speaks for itself (original source unknown):


Number three: a hilarious 20 second video pun, Obama’s Elf:

Just makes me laugh, every time I see them.

Tribute To Bananas

Posted by ted @ 12:32 pm, June 12th, 2009

Here is a nice tribute to bananas I came across on YouTube. Some cool, fun images here. Enjoy!

Validation Video – worth 16 minutes 23 seconds of your life

Posted by ted @ 1:54 pm, March 8th, 2009

I was a little skeptical at first, but after watching it I couldn’t describe it any better than my brother did when he sent me the link:
“Ah, Sheesh . . . I laughed, I cried . .. its the feel-good hit of the year . . . if you’re a sucker for schmaltz . . . you’ll not regret investing the 16 min!”

Watch it with someone you love. Try to spread a little happiness to everyone you meet.

“You paid for parking . . . for me?”

Child Discipline with SUDO

Posted by ted @ 2:51 pm, March 1st, 2009

. . . or better parenting through Unix. My son B really got a kick out of this xkcd comic:

So now I have learned to put the concept to good use:

Me: Time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed

B: No, I’m reading

Me: SUDO, brush your teeth.

B: Okay! (jumps up and runs upstairs.)

Works great for now, at least until the novelty wears off in a few days.

Robot Love in the Big City

Posted by ted @ 8:22 pm, February 28th, 2009

Every year the University of Minnesota Morris (UMM) holds a student film festival (video making contest) they call the UMMys. The entrants vary widely in quality and subject matter and tend to include a lot of teen angst and zombies. Several years ago one entrant stood head and (large metallic) shoulders above the rest. It was called “Rumspringa! The Musical” and was about an amish girl going on her traditional rumspringa to the city and falling in love with a recently unemployed phone answering robot. All songs are written (except the Electric Slide) and performed by the students and it is clever, funny and totally worth watching, cheesy robot costume and all.   Sadly the entire 30 minute production appears to no longer be available on YouTube, but two of the best (IMHO) musical numbers from it are still available for your viewing pleasure.

Your robot overlords command you to click the play buttons below…

Every film needs an internet trailer…..

[Rumspringa! The Musical on MySpace]

Giant Banana Lamp Sighting

Posted by ted @ 11:20 am, February 2nd, 2009


“Large 1970s banana-shaped resin floor lamp by Louis Durot, with one light.”

Over at they are selling a giant banana lamp from the 1970’s. At close to 7ft tall this is one serious banana to have in your house. I want it. They won’t even show the price without registering and logging in first, and there is shipping from France.

[1stdibs via BoingBoing]

Where the Hell Is Matt? Videogame Edition

Posted by ted @ 11:49 am, January 21st, 2009

Remember this fun viral video of the guy doing his goofy dance around the world? Put a smile on my face.

You can learn more about the original project at Where The Hell Is Matt? And see his dance videos from other years.
Now some clever person has extended the meme into the world of video games. I like the wide scope of the games, from Frogger to World of Warcraft. Enjoy!

[WeGame via BoingBoing]

High Voltage Power Line Maintenance by Helicopter

Posted by ted @ 2:00 pm, January 20th, 2009

Here is another video of some amazing maintenance workers / daredevils.  These men maintenance live high voltage power lines from a helicopter using a fire retardant “hot suit” made with metal fibers to act as a Faraday cage. Once they clamp on the line, their body, and the entire helicopter, are raised to the same electrical potential as the wire – 500 thousand volts. They remain safe as long as there is no path to ground. Even without the high voltage, just stepping off a hovering helicopter on to a little seat on the top of a pair of relatively thin wires strung high over the ground is quite a bold feat in itself. Nice mellow video, pleasant music and the guy has a sense of humor about it.

“I don’t give two hoots and a holler about flying inside a helicopter. Put me outside, that’s where I want to be. On a magic carpet.”

glumbert – High Power Job

via [BoingBoing]

Video reported to be from Straight Up: Helicopters in Action.

Helicopter Used for Wind Turbine Maintenance

Posted by ted @ 4:14 pm, January 6th, 2009

Here is an interesting video showing a Eurocopter EC135 being used for maintenance operations on giant offshore wind turbines in the UK. Gives a good perspective on the massive size of these turbines. Around here they work on land based turbines by just opening the door at their base and climbing up a bunch of stairs. These guys in the video appear to be part mechanic, part coast guard helicopter rescue diver. Considering how often these things usually need maintenance (at least monthly I believe) this looks like it could get expensive fast and reveals a potential downside to the otherwise excellent idea of offshore turbines which I have always believed in. Enjoy the video, although I recommend muting the poorly chosen soundtrack.

From Flight Global via Gizmodo

Classical Muppets

Posted by ted @ 12:45 pm, December 16th, 2008

The Muppets have apparently been  making a come back on YouTube. I have always loved the Muppets, from watching them in prime time decades ago, to sharing them with  my son on DVD, they are classic family entertainment true style and the list of big name celebrities that were guest hosts is truly staggering. Here are two delicious Muppet version of classical music to enjoy with your family and loved ones.

Ode to Beeker

Classical Chicken

These put a new light on all the new solo acapella chorus YouTube videos out there recently.


Banana Sharpener

Posted by ted @ 7:59 pm, December 6th, 2008

Today’s YouTube banana sighting – Dr. Bunson Honeydew is tickled pink to announce his solution to “the banana problem”. And here I didn’t even realize there was a “banana problem.”

Goodbye forever to dull bananas!

I Got Some Crap

Posted by ted @ 9:23 am, December 6th, 2008

A little over week ago I was finally lucky to win myself a Bag of Crap from Woot. Well, it finally arrived and with much fanfare and to-do the great unveiling commenced.

The box. Pretty big, that’s a good sign, but kind of light . . .

Air pillows, some little boxes, oh oh what’s inside? what’s inside?

First item a mysterious box of “4 sets”, but sets of what?

Ahhh, 4 iGo car chargers. Potentially useful for my iPod or cell, but they don’t come with any tips for devices. A quick search on Amazon reveals the tips are not so cheap at around $10-$15 each. If I get lucky I can sell 3 of them to buy 2 tips.

Second item, some weird little soda can charm thingy. Why? ‘Cause it’s crap! (Crap with a straw! -though I do wonder why such a thing is even manufactured in the first place)

Next item, three nice little camera cases, not too crappy.

Last item, now what’s this? A Palm computer? This may have potential . . .

but it is a Palm Zire – bottom of the line Palm in 2002. Works fine as it ever did, but has a crappy monochrome unlit LCD display. Resale value on eBay appears to be under $10. Oh well, I will try to download some game apps for it, or use it as a remote control.

As it was written:

“shalt thou not get the crap you want, want the crap you get.”

The anticipation was fun, and we enjoyed making up lots of B O C phrases all week….

Bag Of Carrots  Big Old Cat  Bozo, Original Clown  Brrrr Outside Cold  Big Ornery Cephlapod  Break Open Crustaceans  Ball Of Cotton  Broken Old Computer  Bad Old Crabs  Bring On Clowns  Bagel Or Cereal  Butter Or Creamcheese  Bowl Of Cereal  Bumpy Old Carpet  Big Old Camera  Bag Of Cookies  Box Of Cabbage ….

Bus Madness ala Top Gear

Posted by ted @ 8:54 am, December 2nd, 2008

The crazy crew over at Top Gear decide to help the London mayor choose which style of bus is best. A mad race ensues as only they could pull off. To their credit, they do make it almost one half lap before making contact with each other, and then it is all down hill form there. I just love watch that long “bendy bus” wag its back half around high speed corners, and the double-decker managed to stay upright (though often on two wheels) longer than I thought it would. Watch all the bus smashing goodness below.

from TechEBlog

I got a bag of Crap! And I’m happy?

Posted by ted @ 8:13 pm, November 20th, 2008

It’s a Woot thing. What is Woot? is a different kind of online shopping site. Every day they have just one thing for sale. It remains for sale until they sell out, or the until the day ends. The next day they have one different thing for sale. They have great deals, and wacky descriptions of the items, usually making sure to point out not only what a great deal it is, but also honestly pointing any weaknesses or shortcomings in the product. Every once and a while things get interesting when they have a Woot Off! On these special hallowed days they have offer many things, still one at a time until a preset quantity sells, before moving on to the next item. An item might be available for hours, or for only minutes. It inspires compulsive refreshing to catch new deals throughout the day (as their song goes, “giving me an F5 complex, refreshing just to see what comes next!”). There are even third party web sites dedicated to tracking Woot Offs and notifying you when new items appear ( is my favorite). The highlight of the Woot Off is the “Bag of Crap” (referred to as BOC, bandolier of carrots, etc) which is a random item grab bag. For some reason this is the most popular of items and instantly causes their servers to overload as it appears. This is despite their adamant assertions that you really don’t want one (see below). It is a true miracle of modern marketing genius. Having shopped on Woot for several years now, and purchased several items during Woot Offs or otherwise, I have just for the first time today managed to secure my very own Bag of Crap! It may be a dime store trinket, it may be a valuable electronic item left over from a previous day, I just have to wait and see. I will announce its contents when it arrives. – See what I got: I Got Crap!

And it was written…..

If we allow you to give us your money, we shall grant you some sort of bag and some quantity of crap. We promise nothing more. And if you know what’s good for you, you’ll be grateful for that.


I. Thou shalt expect nothing beyond one bag of some kind and your chosen quantity of crappy items (which should be THREE).

II. Thou shalt not whine and complain when some people’s crap turns out to be nicer than yours.

III. Thou shalt take a moment to consider whether you might be better off just not buying this crap.

IV. Thou shalt not order just one crap and blame it on anything but your own inattention.

V. To paraphrase Stephen Stills, shalt thou not get the crap you want, want the crap you get.

Roomba Cat

Posted by ted @ 1:24 pm, November 20th, 2008

Another Roomba fan

Link icanhascheeseburger

Peacekeeping Chickens

Posted by ted @ 8:47 am, November 18th, 2008

Wouldn’t the world be a better place with more chickens keeping the peace? I love the end where I can just hear that chicken saying, “Now don’t make me come back here again!” as he walks away.